1. “I personally thought it was very good because some chapters were funny and some were adventures.”

2. “Why did the princess get so crazy and messed up?”

3. “Do you plan to make this into a huge series?”

4. “There were so many action packed moments going on.”

5. “I think Maia learned something from her journey.”

6. “Your book was actually the best book I ever read.”

7. “Is Icarus alive? Or is he dead?”

8. “I loved how you included the whining princess.”

9. “First of all I loved your book so much but I want to get a few things straight. Number one: Why did you make Icarus always smile?”

10. “Do you even know who Maia’s father is yet?”

11. “The Greek gods really interest me, maybe more because I’m Greek, I don’t know.”

12. “You really wrote a nice book.”

13. “This book overall grabbed my attention because of its emotions and interesting story.”

14. “I see gods.”

15. “I can’t keep calm because I want to read your second book.”

16. “My favorite part was when Maia was with the princess talking about boys because it was funny.”

17. “I am writing a fantasy story at school and Maia & Icarus changed the way I look at fantasy stories in a good way.”

About japerezny

Author of "Maia & Icarus," "Maia & Hippolyta," and "Grandpa's Walking Stick;" psychologist; comic book enthusiast; proud Papa

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