“This book is special because Ellie had her first adventure with her Grandpa. Although Grandpa didn’t believe in her Ellie still knew that she could climb Mount Atlas.”

“This book was very special because I could relate a lot to it. I have a grandpa who lives in Canada and I only saw him once when I was 5 or 6 years old. Also he lives far away so I needed to go on an airplane ride. The only reason I got to see him was because that he is my grandpa and I love him.”

“I can connect to the story because one year for my dads birthday I painted a cool thick, heavy stick and gave it to him. It was the perfect size too!”

“This book is special because Ellie has two dads that care about her. My connection is when I just started soccer people thought I couldn’t save a goal but I did!”

“This book is special because Ellie never met her Grandpa because he lived far away. I also thought it was special because she had two dads and most people don’t have two dads.”

“I love this book so much! I think it is very cool!”

*** Special thanks to Ms. Rodgers’s 4th grade class ***

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Author of "Maia & Icarus," "Maia & Hippolyta," and "Grandpa's Walking Stick;" psychologist; comic book enthusiast; proud Papa

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