For two years, Maia Peterson has thought of little else than returning to Olympia – a hidden realm populated by enchanted creatures and legendary champions from Greek mythology. With high school graduation behind her, Maia is determined to fulfill her destiny amongst the Amazons, a tribe of mighty women warriors and protectors of peace. But when an old adversary attacks her home, Maia races to safeguard her loved ones before the barrier between the earth and Olympia is destroyed. Alongside unexpected allies, Maia travels to the farthest corners of Olympia – battling deadly beasts, traitorous foes, and the gods themselves – to defeat the forces threatening her family… and the survival of both worlds.

About japerezny

Author of "Maia & Icarus," "Maia & Hippolyta," and "Grandpa's Walking Stick;" psychologist; comic book enthusiast; proud Papa

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