I had the privilege of visiting Mrs. Robilotta (world famous teacher and “friend of Olympia”) and her fifth grade students at RJO Intermediate School last week. In addition to some amazingly thought provoking questions and comments, I was given a truly beautiful gift — I was the subject of “The Compliment Project.” With my back to the Smart Board, Mrs. Robilotta’s students took turns writing something complimentary about me and my books while I spoke and answered questions. At the end of my time with the class, I turned around and was presented with the following:


Amazing kids… an incredible teacher… and an author, overwhelmed by their kindness, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

About japerezny

Author of "Maia & Icarus," "Maia & Hippolyta," and "Grandpa's Walking Stick;" psychologist; comic book enthusiast; proud Papa

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